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Student Exercises, Scales, and Arpeggios

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Resources to help acclimate your hands to the guitar, learn the fretboard, and develop good technique

A Word About Practice

Click on Exercise or Scale and Arpeggio Name to Download PDF Sheet Music

Four-Finger Exercises

The Four-Finger Song

Four-Finger Doubles

Four-Finger Singles


Scales and Arpeggios

C Major—Open Position (Easy)

G Major—Open Position (Easy)

A Minor—Open Position (Easy)

C Major—Closed Position

G Major—Closed Position

A Minor—Closed Position

Minor Scales include Natural, Harmonic, and Melodic Minor


Left Hand Exercises

G and C Stretch Exercises (C and G Major)

Anchored Scale Exercises (C and G Major)


Right Hand Exercises

Thumb Damping Exercise


Learning the Fretboard

Notes on the Fretboard

Notes on the Melody Strings in 5th Position (C Major)

Notes on the Bass Strings in 5th Position (a minor)


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