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Holy, Holy, Holy Lord

by Basil Manly Jr. (1825–1892)
(#21 in The Baptist Psalmody, 1850)

Holy Holy Holy Lord


Thou only art Holy. Rev. 15:4.

1.   Holy, holy, holy Lord,
      God of Hosts, in heaven adored,
      Earth with awe has heard Thy name,
      Men Thy majesty proclaim.

2.   Just and true are all Thy ways,
      Great Thy works above our praise;
      Humbled in the dust, we own,
      Thou art holy, Thou alone.

3.   In Thy sight, the angel band
      Justly charged with folly stand;
      Holiest deeds of creatures lie
      Meritless before Thine eye.

4.   How shall sinners worship Thee,
      God of spotless purity?
      To Thy grace all hope we owe:
      Thine own righteousness bestow.

"Holy, Holy, Holy Lord"
Words by Basil Manly Jr.
From The Baptist Psalmody, 1850
Hymn Tune: POSEN (
Music arranged from Georg C. Strattner
By J. A. Freylinghausen, 1705
©Public Domain
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