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Send the Law Before the Gospel

For we know that the Law is spiritual . . .  (Romans 7:14).



1.   Send the Law before the Gospel,
         Shine the Light revealing sin!
      Men will see they need a Savior
         As their hearts are bared within.
      Weep you sinners under judgement;
         See yourself before God's Law!
      Full deserving condemnation,
         Dread the wrath of God in awe.

2.   Come you sinners and take comfort,
         You convicted and dismayed,
      For God's love is only sown in
         Furrows that His Law has made.
      Come you sinners, look to Jesus!
         He's fulfilled the Law's demands.
      Christ will turn your dread and sorrow
         Into love for God's commands.

3.   Praise to God for such instruction,
         Sent to show us our great need.
      We must place our hope in Jesus
         And in Him we shall be freed.
      O believer, be encouraged!
         Christ died suff'ring in our place;
      Bore the sins of all His children,
         That we shall come unto grace.

4.   On the cross was Christ afflicted,
         There endur'd the wrath of God.
      Now the Law no more condemns us,
         Satisfied by His shed blood.
      God has set His Law before us;
         Let His Word be our delight!
      As we travel unto glory,
         Persevering in His light.

5.   God has given His commandments;
         They shall never pass away.
      On our hearts His Spirit writes them,
         That we can through grace obey.
      May His Law forever guide us
         In the paths of righteousness,
      As we seek His will most holy,
         All our efforts He shall bless!

"Send the Law Before the Gospel"
WORDS: Ken Puls, November 7, 1986
MUSIC: William Owen, 1814-1893
THEME: The Law and the Gospel

The idea for this hymn came while reading God's Rigtheous Kingdom by Walt Chantry

Words ©1987 Kenneth A Puls
Music: Public Domain


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of the lyrics and sheet music for this hymn for use in worship.

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