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Behold the Days Are Coming

"Behold, the days are coming, says the LORD, when I will make a new covenant
with the house of Israel and with the house of Judah" (Jeremiah 31:31).


1.   "Behold the days are coming,"
         Declares the Lord our God,
      When I shall make with Israel
         And Judah a new bond;
      Not as the promise which I made
         And which their fathers broke."
      The law in stone was shown to be
         A harsh and threat'ning yoke.

2.  "My law shall be in every heart
         To teach them to obey;
      And it shall be their great delight
         To serve Me in that day.
      I shall prepare a sacrifice
         By shedding precious blood
      To bring My people near to Me,
         So shall I be their God."

3.   "No more shall men their neighbors teach
         For all within this bond
      By faith in Jesus Christ shall know
         That I the Lord am God.
      I shall forgive their lawless deeds,
         Remember sins no more."
      For in that day grace will abound
         Through Jesus Christ the Lord.

4.   And now our Savior, Christ has come;
         He died to set us free.
      He paid our debt the Law demands
         For sin and treachery.
      He lived a life of holiness,
         Fulfilled the Law's commands;
      So now the church within this bond
         In His righteousness stands.

5.   Behold the new Jerusalem,
         The Israel of God,
      Who were condemned to wrath and hell
         Now purchased by His blood,
      Who once were not a people,
         But now have been brought near,
      As the true seed of Abraham,
         A bride beloved and dear!

WORDS: Ken Puls, September 7, 1990
MUSIC: Ken Puls, September 7, 1990
THEME: The New Covenant in Christ Jesus

This hymn was written on Wednesday and Thursday, September 5 and 6, 1990. It is a meditation on Jeremiah 31 and the New Covenant. I wrote the hymn while I was working at an apartment complex for a landscape company, C. Boley Enterprises. I would compose as much as I could remember while out on the property and then find an excuse to go back to the truck to write it down before I forgot. On one such trip back to my notebook, my supervisor, Ben Wright, drove up. Despite my efforts to hide, he saw me and waved for my attention. I followed him around for twenty anxious minutes trying to remember the words as well as pay attention to the instructions he gave instructions on what I needed to do that afternoon. After he finished I finally made it to the truck and was able to get the hymn on paper. The tune is named HUNTERS GREEN, and is the name of the apartment complex near Hulen Mall in Fort Worth, Texas where I was working.

In 2009 I used verses from this hymn in the song "Behold the Days" (#56)

Words and Music ©1992 Kenneth A Puls
Lead Sheet
Permission is granted to churches to make additional copies
of the lyrics and sheet music for this song for use in worship.
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