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Behold, My Soul

"Behold, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!" (John 1:29b)

Mountains and Sunlight


1.   Behold, my soul, what God has wrought
      When by His grace my heart He sought,
      When in His love and sovereign plan
      He chose to save a wretched man.
      When God made heav'n and earth below
      He simply spoke and it was so,
      But when He sought my soul to save
      E'en Christ, His only Son, He gave.

2.   Before God spoke and it was light,
      Before men fell in sin's dark night,
      The Lord set forth redemption's plan
      That grace might find this wretched man.
      That God would choose for Christ a wife,
      And Christ would die to save her life;
      The Spirit then would call the bride
      And draw her to her Master's side.

3.   Christ left the glories of heav'n above
      And took the form of those He loved.
      He shared our suff'ring and our strife
      And lived a holy, perfect life.
      He found us dead and vile within,
      Rebels to God, condemned for sin,
      Destined for wrath and hell's torment,
      Yet blinded and in sin content.

4.   Yet in our sin, Christ loved us still
      And bore the cross on Cal'vry's hill.
      He took the judgment we had earned
      And died as God's fierce wrath did burn.
      Our debt was great, none would suffice
      Except a perfect sacrifice,
      And as the cross drew forth His blood,
      An off'ring rose before our God.

5.   His death has full atonement made!
      The debt we owed in full is paid!
      He purchased us with His own blood;
      Such love! Behold the Lamb of God!
      When death and sin defeated fell,
      He trampled down the gates of hell
      And rose victorious o'er the grave
      To live for those He came to save.

6.   He then ascended to the throne,
      Now interceding for His own,
      And for our comfort, help, and cheer;
      He sent His Holy Spirit near,
      To open hearts, convict of sin,
      To lead to Christ and dwell within,
      To daily bring supplies of grace
      And hold us fast to Christ's embrace.

7.   When by His grace my heart He sought,
      Behold, my soul, what God has wrought!
      The measures to fulfill His plan!
      The cost to save a wretched man!
      He now prepares for me a place
      And soon I'll see Him face to face,
      And wonder through eternity,
      How great His mercy shown to me!

"Behold My Soul"
WORDS: Ken Puls, May 16, 1991
MUSIC: George Coles, 1835
THEME: Salvation by Grace

The idea for this hymn came from a message on John 1 entitled "Behold the Lamb of God" preached by John Marshall on May 15, 1991 at Grace Church in Denton, Texas. Read more about this hymn on the blog

Words ©1992 Kenneth A Puls
Music: Public Domain



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