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A Prayer for Pilgrims

"As I walked through the wilderness of this world,
I lighted on a certain place where was a den ..." (John Bunyan)

Burdened Pilgrim at prayer


A Burdened Sinner

1.   Lord, we pray for those now burdened
         'Neath the weight and guilt of sin,
      Those who read Your Word and tremble
         As conviction grows within.
      Father, help us point to Jesus,
         Those who flee the coming wrath,
      That they find the gate and entrance
         To the cross, Salvation's path.

The Slough of Despond

2.   Lord, we pray for those now sinking,
         Doubting in the mire of sin,
      Though alone they vainly struggle,
         Help can bring them out again.
      Father, send Your precious Spirit,
         Lift them up on solid ground,
      Point them to each Gospel promise
         That their hope may soon abound.

Worldly Wiseman

3.   Lord, we pray for those misguided,
         Who have wandered from the path,
      Led astray by Worldly Wisdom,
         Now in danger of Your wrath.
      Father, help us go and point them
         Once again to seek the cross.
      With rebuke and firm correction,
         Pull them from Destruction's loss.

The Wicket-Gate

4.   Lord, we pray for those now knocking,
         Searching for relief from sin,
      May Good-Will meet them with favor
         As they seek to enter in.
      Father, pull them inside quickly,
         Lest the Devil's arrows kill.
      Fence them round with Your salvation
         As they go to Calv'ry's Hill.

The House of the Interpreter

5.   Lord, we pray for those inquiring
         At the House of Your blest Word,
      Take them through each room and teach them
         Then apply what they have heard.
      Father, send Interpretation,
         By Your Spirit make them wise.
      Brightly shine illumination
         On the truth before their eyes.

The Cross

6.   Lord, we pray for those now standing
         Near the cross and empty grave.
      Lord, again show forth Your mercy,
         Graciously reach down to save.
      Father, loose from them their burden,
         Take the guilt and curse of sin,
      May it fall and roll and tumble
         Never to be seen again.

The Hill Difficulty

7.   Lord, we pray for those now climbing
         Difficulty's steep ascent.
      Help them overcome each struggle,
         Though their strength be nearly spent.
      Father, help them not to cower,
         Veering to the left or right;
      Strengthen them to face each trial
         Pressing forward to the height.

The Pleasant Arbour

8.   Lord, we pray please, keep us watchful
         In Your Arbour as we rest;
      Lest the Roll of Your assurance
         For a time fall from our breast.
      Father, come and keep us wakeful,
         Wipe the dulling sleep away;
      Lest the night soon overtake us,
         Let us journey while it's day.

House Beautiful

9.   Lord, please guide each wand'ring Pilgrim
         Often to Your place of rest;
      Bring them to Your House of Beauty,
         There, their souls refresh and bless.
      Father, may they find instruction,
         Pleasant discourse of Your grace.
      Fit them with Your Spiritual Armor
         For the battles they must face.

The Valley of Humiliation and
The Valley of the Shadow of Death

10.   Lord, we pray for those descending
         Into Valleys deep and dark;
      Light their pathway, Guide their footsteps,
         Give them courage to embark.
      Father, as they fight the battle,
         Facing Satan, fear, and sin;
      Help them, Lord, to rise when fallen,
         By Your grace the vict'ry win.

Vanity Fair

11.   Lord, we pray for those now passing
         Vanity's alluring Fair.
      Keep them from the world's temptations;
         Sanctify them as they're there.
      Father, help them to be Faithful,
         Though the world would make them bend,
      Pressured hard by persecution;
         Keep them safe until the end.

Doubting Castle

12.   Lord, we pray for those imprisoned
         By Despair, who lie in grief;
      Locked in Doubting Castle's dungeon,
         Stripped of hope and its relief.
      Father help them to remember
         In Your promise is the key;
      Now unlock the door that bars them,
         In the Gospel, set them free.

The Delectable Mountains

13.   Lord, we thank You for the Mountains
         Where You bring Your flocks to feed;
      Guided by Your watchful Shepherds,
         We find truth for every need.
      Father, give us words of Caution,
         Help us see Immanuel's Land,
      Keep us from the cliffs of Error,
         Make us on good ground to stand.

The Flatterer and
Enchanted Ground

14.   Lord, we pray please teach Your trav'lers
         Of the Flatterer to beware,
      Set them free and then chastise them
         If they fall into his snare.
      Father, help them not grow drowsy
         As they cross Enchanted Ground;
      Stir their souls with lively discourse
         Of the precious grace they've found.

The River

15.   Lord, we pray for those now crossing
         Through the River, death's cold tide.
      Help them through its flowing current,
         Bring them safe on Canaan's side.
      Father, send Your hosts to greet them,
         Bear them up before Your throne,
      Sound the trump of celebration,
         One more Pilgrim has come home.

The Gate to the Celestial City

16.   Lord, we pray for ev'ry Pilgrim,
         Final entrance we'll not miss;
      For beside the Gates to Heaven
         Lies a way to the Abyss.
      Father, fit us for Your kingdom,
         From the greatest to the least,
      Clothe us in Your righteous garments
         For the coming wedding feast.

"A Prayer for Pilgrims"
WORDS: Ken Puls, June 4, 1993
MUSIC: Ken Puls, June 4, 1993
THEME: Prayer of Intercession for those on the Christian journey

This hymn is a prayer of intercession for those who are at different stages and places in the Christian journey, based on Part 1 of John Bunyan's allegory, The Pilgrim's Progress. The tune is named BEDFORD'S JAIL after the prison in which Bunyan wrote his classic work.

Words and Music ©1998 Kenneth A Puls




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