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A Prayer for God's Presence
Throughout the Day

Be not far from Me, for trouble is near; for there is none to help. (Psalm 22:11)

Ormund Beach Sunrise


1.   Lord, as I begin to wake,
         Just as I become aware,
      Draw my waking thoughts to You;
         Stir my heart to praise and prayer.
      Then as I arise from sleep,
         Stand to face another day,
      Let Your Word be my delight,
         Guiding all I do and say.

2.   Help me, Lord to meditate
         And apply the truth I know;
      As I preach to my own soul,
         Grant that I may heed and grow.
      As I walk throughout this day,
         Help me cast away all fear;
      Let me not forget or doubt
         Your abiding presence near.

3.   When the day gets busy, Lord,
         Let my walk not stray from You;
      Fix my heart and mind and will
         On Your promises anew.
      Many times throughout this day
         Bring remembrance of Your Word.
      Guard my heart from unbelief;
         Keep my faith in You, O Lord.

4.   When temptations rise and rage
         Show me, Lord, the way to flee;
      Lest I fall, teach me to pray:
         Lord, uphold and strengthen me.
      Ever, Lord, You are with me!
         Keep this truth before my eyes.
      May it guard my path from sin,
         Comfort me and make me wise.

5.   Lord, You are my joy and strength,
         Through each hour, in ev'ry place.
      Be there happiness or grief,
         You uphold me by Your grace.
      And when I lie down to sleep,
         Lift my heart again to pray;
      Let my thoughts to You return
         In thanksgiving end the day.

WORDS: Ken Puls, 2000
MUSIC: Tom Wells, 2000
THEME: Resting on God's Abiding Presence and the Promises of His Word
Words ©2000 Kenneth A Puls
Music ©2000 Tom Wells
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Recorded at Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, February 23, 2014
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