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Today We Gather in This Place

There remains therefore a Sabbath-keeping for the people of God.
(Hebrews 4:9)


1.   Today we gather in this place
         To join in one accord,
      And as one body lift our voice
         To glorify the Lord.
      The Sabbath is a gift of God
         A day of great delight;
      So let us come and seek the Lord
         And in His truth unite.

2.   A day to pray and meditate
         On truth proclaimed and heard;
      A day of conversations filled
         With discourse on God's Word.
      A day for us to fellowship,
         Encourage and console;
      A day to hear the Scriptures read,
         A feast day for the soul.

3.   In the beginning God revealed
         His character to man,
      His Moral Law was manifest
         Within creation's plan.
      For in six days did God create,
         The seventh day He blest,
      And gave to us one day in seven
         To be a day of rest.

4.   A holy day meant for our good
         God graciously provides;
      A day that has not passed away,
         But in each age abides.
      So now in the New Covenant
         A Sabbath still remains,
      A day to celebrate our King,
         Who rose again and reigns.

5.   As God the Father rested when
         Creation's work was done,
      Now we look to a greater rest
         Accomplished by His Son.
      Our Sabbath is fulfilled in Christ,
         We rest in Him alone
      And celebrate one day in seven,
         The day He calls His own.

6.   Christ rose again the morning of
         The first day of the week;
      So we with joy each Lord's Day meet,
         His Word to know and seek.
      So let us not forsake the day,
         But gather in His name,
      And corporately bow down and make
         His praise our only aim.

WORDS: Ken Puls, September 20, 2002
MUSIC: Tom Wells, November 22,2002
THEME: Christ and the Sabbath

The idea for this hymn came after a message delivered on Thursday, July 18, 2002 by Erroll Hulse at the Southern Baptist Founders Conference in Birmingham, AL. The message was entitled "The Puritans and the Recovery of the Lord's Day." This day at the Founders Conference was especially fruitful for song writing. Erroll's message was in the morning; in the evening Joel Beeke preached from Luke 22 on "Enduring Satan's Siftings Through Christ."Joel's message provided the idea for the hymn "Lord Set a Watch to Guard My Soul."

Words ©2002 Kenneth A Puls
Music ©2002 Tom Wells
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Recorded at Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, March 23, 2014
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