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Vast the Riches of God's Word

Therefore I love your commandments
above gold, above fine gold.
(Psalm 119:127)

Riches of God's Word


1.   Vast the riches of God's Word,
         Truth that shines as purest gold.
      Search its treasures, venture deep,
         All its splendor to behold!

2.   Grant us hearts that love the Word,
         Open ears that we might hear,
      Help Your servant, Lord, we pray,
         Make the message plain and clear.

3.   Keep our thoughts from wandering
         As Your Word is preached today,
      Anchor us in truth applied
         That we might not fall or stray.

4.   Preach the Word, we need to hear!
         Draw out wealth as from a mine.
      Show each gem that we might see
         Truth in all its facets shine.

5.   Take us to each verse and line,
         Open up the Word and show
      All the riches we can find;
         Help us more of Christ to know.

6.   May God's Word in brilliance shine
         Light on all we do and say.
      May it be our great delight
         To receive it and obey.

"Vast the Riches of God's Word"
WORDS: Ken Puls, April 8, 2017
MUSIC: William Henry Monk, 1823–1889
THEME: The Value of Preaching and the Riches of God's Word

Words ©2017 Kenneth A Puls
Music: Public Domain



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