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Before the World I Now Confess

"So everyone who acknowledges Me before men, I also will acknowledge before My Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 10:32).

Remembering Christ died for me



1.   Before the world I now confess
         Christ Jesus as my Lord.
      The scorn of men, I will not fear,
         Nor danger, nor the sword.
      Though friends and loved ones turn away,
         Possessions all be lost,
      To lose this world, if I gain Christ
         Is not too great a cost.

2.   Before the world I humbly bow
         To Jesus as my King,
      Acknowledging so all will know
         He's Lord of everything!
      No flood so great or tear too small,
         He knows my thoughts and ways,
      My life I fully trust to Him
         And give Him all my praise.


3.   Before the world I here confess
         That Christ has made me new.
      He gave me life, now I believe
         His Word is sure and true.
      Through baptism I now submit
         Unto my Lord's command,
      My old life buried, new raised up,
         Upon His Word I stand.


4.   Before the world I take my stand
         With Jesus and His bride
      To cleanse His church and bring us near
         He suffered, bled and died.
      His body broken on the cross,
         His blood He freely shed,
      Remembering Christ died for me,
         I take this cup and bread.


5.   Before the world I sing His praise
         That all the world may hear.
      I give allegiance to my King,
         Whose Kingdom now is near.
      More real to me is Jesus Christ
         Than all this world can give,
      More than this world, I need His grace,
         For by His grace I live.

"Before the World I Now Confess"
WORDS: Ken Puls, February 28, 2018
MUSIC: Early American Melody
THEME: Declaring Allegiance to Christ

The idea for the hymn came from a message on Matthew 10:26–33 entitled "Declaring Our Allegiance to Christ" preached on Sunday, February 25, 2018 at Grace Baptist Church, Cape Coral, by our associate pastor, Jared Longshore. The hymn is a public profession of faith in Christ, including a verse for confessing Christ in baptism, and verse for remebering Christ in the Lord's Supper. Read more about this hymn on the blog.

Words ©2018 Kenneth A Puls
Music: Public Domain


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