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Lord In Humble Sweet Submission

by Robert T. Daneil (1773–1840)
(#909 in the Baptist Psalmody, 1850)

Baptism Hymn


Baptism the Answer of a good Conscience.
1 Pet. 3:20,21.

1.  Lord, in humble, sweet submission,
         Here we meet to follow thee;
      Trusting in thy great salvation,
         Which alone can make us free.

2.  Naught have we to claim as merit;
         All the duties we can do
      Can no crown of life inherit;
         All the praise to thee is due.

3.  Yet we come in Christian duty
         Down beneath the wave to go;
      On the bliss! the heavenly beauty!
         Christ, the Lord, was buried so.

4.  Come ye children of the kingdom,
         Follow him beneath the wave;
      Rise, and show his resurrection,
         And proclaim his power to save.

5.  Is there here a weeping Mary,
         Waiting near the Savior's tomb;
      Heavy-laden, sick, and weary,
         Crying, "O, that I could come!"

6.  Welcome, all ye friends of Jesus,
         Welcome to his church below;
      Venture wholly on the Savior
         Come, and with his people go.

"Lord in Humble Sweet Submission"
Words by Robert T. Daniel (1773–1840)
Music by Tom Wells, 2001
Words ©Public Domain
Music ©2001 Tom Wells

The hymn is a passionate plea for sinners to come to Christ as well as a beautiful description of the picture baptism presents us of the gospel in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

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