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O How Blest the Hour

The Hour for Worship

"But Simon Peter answered Him, 'Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life'" (John 6:68).

1.   O How blest the hour, Lord Jesus,
         When we can to Thee draw near,
      Promises so sweet and precious
         From Thy gracious lips to hear!

2.   Be with us this day to bless us,
         That we may not hear in vain;
      While Thy saving truths impress us,
         Which the words of life contain.

3.   Open Thou our minds and lead us
         Safely on our heav'nward way;
      While the lamp of Truth precedes us,
         That we might not go astray.

4.   Lord, endue Thy Word from heaven
         With such light and love and pow'r,
      That in us its silent leaven
         May work on from hour to hour.

5.   Give us grace to bear our witness
         To the truths we have embraced;
      And let others both their sweetness
         And their quick'ning virtue taste.

"O How Blest the Hour"
Words by Carl Johann Philipp Spitta (1801–1859)
Translated by Richard Massie I1800–1887)
MUSIC: Tom Wells (2002)
Hymn Tune: HARRISON (
Words ©Public Domain
Music ©2002 Tom Wells

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