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Come You Thristy, Come to Christ

For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me,
the fountain of living waters, And hewn themselves cisterns
—broken cisterns that can hold no water. (Jeremiah 2:13)

Come You Thristy


1.   You who seek to quench your thirst,
            Ever failing when you try—
         All the cisterns you have dug
            Now lie broken, parched, and dry.
         Come, you thirsty, come to Christ!
            Deeply drink His grace and love;
         Plunge into the Living Stream
            Flowing down from God above.

2.   You who hunger to be fed,
            Searching life in want and need;
         You will ne'er in this world find
            Lasting joys your soul to feed.
         Come, you hungry, come to Christ!
            You who long to be well fed,
         Taste His Word and savor truth,
            Feast upon the Living Bread.

3.   You who have forsaken God,
            Groping now to find a place,
         Where will you find life and joy?
            Where is peace apart from grace?
         Come you wand'ring and be found!
            Do not squander life away.
         Settle not for less than God;
            Come seek Him without delay!

4.   You who feel the weight of sin,
            Mired in its guilt and shame;
         Where will you find righteousness?
            Nought but sin is yours to claim.
         Come, you empty-handed, come!
            By the grace of God receive
         Perfect righteousness in Christ.
            Come to Him, in Him believe.

5.   You who long for happiness,
            Why pursue what does not last?
         All the pleasures of this life
            Quickly fade and soon are past.
         Come and leave your vain pursuits!
            Turn and to the Fountain fly!
         Find in Christ your full delight;
            Only He can satisfy.

WORDS: Ken Puls, 1999
MUSIC: Joseph Parry, 1979
THEME: The Fountain of Living Water
Based on Jeremiah 2:13 and Psalm 36:9

There is nothing more satisfying in life than coming to God, the "Fountain of Living Waters." All other pursuits will prove empty and dry in comparison.

Words ©1999 Kenneth A Puls
Music ©Public Domain

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