Lessons from the Psalm Inscriptions
In Leading God's People in Prayer and Praise

To the Cheif Musician

Series by Ken Puls


Why Consider the Psalm Inscriptions?

Titles of Designation

Those titles using the Hebrew preposition ל (lamed). They can denote the author(s) of the psalm, the recipient(s) of the psalm, to whom the psalm is dedicated, or possibly whom the psalm is about.

Titles of Description

Titles that state the type of poetic genre or musical composition.
[psalm, song, praise, prayer, testimony, michtam, maschil, and shiggaion]

Titles of Explanation

Titles that provide a historical connection for the psalm. They relate the circumstances surrounding the composition of the psalm.

Titles of Application

Titles that indicate the liturgical, devotional or didactic use of the psalm.
[For the Sabbath Day, To Bring Remembrance, Of the Ascents]

Titles of Interpretation

Titles that explain how the psalm should be musically performed.
[On Flutes, With Stringed Instruments]


What can we learn from the Psalm Inscriptions about Music in Worship?


Download a PDF that lists the Psalm Inscriptions highlighted by category


This series is based on a seminar paper for the course
"Special Research in Church Music"
at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in May 1995.


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