Theology and Song

A Theological Index of Music for Worship

Doxology with Coffee and Bible

Compiled by Ken Puls


The purpose of this Index is threefold:

  1. To explore the connection between music for worship and the study of theology
  2. To encourage pastors, musicians, and worship leaders to think theologically about music in worship
  3. To provide a resource for planning, selecting, and evaluating music in worship

The Index recommends psalm settings, hymns, and spiritual songs, listing them under related theological statements for each topic. Click on a topic below to see the songs arranged by theological statements.

Follow my blog to keep up as new topics and songs are added to the Index.



I.    PROLEGOMENA: The Revelation of God

Songs and God's Creation

Songs and God's Word

II.   THEOLOGY: The Doctrine of God

Songs and the Trinity

III.   ANGELOLOGY: The Doctrine of Angels

IV.   ANTHROPOLOGY: The Doctrine of Man

V.  HAMARTIOLOGY: The Doctrine of Sin

VI.   CHRISTOLOGY: The Person and Work of Christ

VII.   PNEUMATOLOGY: The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

VIII.   SOTERIOLOGY: The Doctrine of Salvation

IX.   PRAXIS: Christian Living

X.   MISSIOLOGY: The Doctrine of Evangelism

XI.   APOLOGETICS: The Defense of the Faith

XII.   ECCLESIOLOGY: The Doctrine of the Church

XIII.   ESCHATOLOGY: The Doctrine of Last Things

XIV.   DOXOLOGY: The Worship of God

Songs and Thanksgiving

XV.   TERMINUS: The Glory of God


Click here to see a Song List (thus far) of the music included in the Index.

Hymnal Key for songs included in the Index


Theology and Song
A Theological Index of Music for Worship
©2019 Ken Puls
Revised and Expanded
from "A Theological Index of Church Music"
©1993, 2013 Ken Puls

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