A Guide to John Bunyan's
The Pilgrim's Progress

Christian at the Cross

Notes and Commentary by Ken Puls

From This World To That Which Is To Come


Part I


1.    Burden and Distress (Introduction)
2.    Met by Evangelist
3.    Christian Flees Destruction
4.    Encounter with Neighbors
5.    Ridiculed by Obstinate
6.    Forsaken by Pliable
7.    Slough of Despond
8.    Yonder Shining Light
9.    Met by Worldly Wiseman
10.  The World's Scorn of the Word
11.  Directed to the Village of Morality
12.  Beneath the High Hill
13.  Admonished by Evangelist
14.  Christian Returns to the Way
15.  Christian Arrives at the Gate
16.  Met by Goodwill
17.  Pulled Inside the Gate
18.  Shown an Open Door
19.  Christian Laments His Neighbors
20.  Christian Reflects on God's Mercy
21.  Christian Is Directed in the Way
22.  The House of the Interpreter
23.  A Portrait of a Minister
24.  A Dusty Parlor
25.  Passion and Patience
26.  A Fire Burning Against the Wall
27.  A Stately Palace
28.  A Man in an Iron Cage
29.  A Frightening Dream
30.  A Wall Called Salvation
31.  Christian Arrives at the Cross
32.  Simple, Sloth and Presumption
33.  Formalist and Hypocrisy
34.  A Coat for Rags
35.  Hill Difficulty
36.  A Pleasant Arbor
37.  Timorous and Mistrust
38.  The Lost Roll
39.  The Roll Recovered
40.  Christian Arrives at Palace Beautiful
41.  Conversation with Discretion
42.  Conversation with Piety
43.  Conversation with Prudence
44.  Conversation with Charity
45.  Supper at Palace Beautiful
46.  Rest at Palace Beautiful
47.  Instruction at Palace Beautiful
48.  Into the Armory
49.  A View of Immanuel's Land
50.  Into the Valley of Humiliation
51.  Confronted by Apollyon
52.  Battle with Apollyon
53.  Into the Valley of the Shadow of Death
54.  Christian Confounded
55.  The Light of Day
56.  Pope and Pagan
57.  A Little Ascent
58.  Faithful's Escape from the City of Destruction
59.  Run in with Wanton
60.  Run in with Adam the First
61.  Run in with Moses
62.  Run in with Discontent
63.  Run in with Shame
64.  Sunlight in the Valley
65.  Conversation with Talkative
66.  The Truth About Talkative
67.  The Fallacy of Talkative
68.  Faithful Confronts Talkative
69.  Faithful Explains Saving Grace
70.  The Departure of Talkative
71.  A Meeting with Evangelist
72.  The Promise of Suffering
73.  Vanity Fair
74.  Pilgrims Out of Place
75.  Pilgrims Persecuted
76.  Trial in Vanity Fair
77.  Envy, Superstition and Pickthank
78.  Faithful's Defense
79.  Faithful Condemned
80.  The Death of Faithful
81.  Joined by Hopeful
82.  Conversation with By-ends
83.  The Companions of By-ends
84.  By-ends Asks a Question
85.  Religion and Worldly Gain
86.  The Plain of Ease
87.  Demas and the Silver Mine
88.  Remember Lot's Wife
89.  A Pleasant River
90.  By-Path Meadow
91.  Led Astray by Vain-Confidence
92.  Christian's Repentance
93.  Captured by Giant Despair
94.  Doomed by Diffidence
95.  Hopeful's Reassurance
96.  The Misery of Doubting Castle
97.  A Key Called Promise
98.  The Delectable Mountains
99.  Conversation with Shepherds
100.  A Hill Called Error
101.  Mount Caution
102.  A By-Way to Hell
103.  A Hill Called Clear
104.  Met by Ignorance
105.  The Tragedy of Turn-away
106.  How Little-Faith Was Robbed
107.  What Little-Faith Lost
108.  The Value of Little-Faith's Jewels
109.  Great-Grace, the King's Champion
110.  Protection on the King's HIghway
111.  Beware the Flatterer
112.  Met by Atheist
113.  The Enchanted Ground
114.  Hopeful's Testimony Part 1: Ensnared by Sin
115.  Hopeful's Testimony Part 2: Initial Resistance
116.  Hopeful's Testimony Part 3: Growing Conviction
117.  Hopeful's Testimony Part 4: The Futility of Works
118.  Hopeful's Testimony Part 5: The Gospel of Grace
119.  Hopeful's Testimony Part 6: Invitation to Christ
120.  Hopeful's Testimony Part 7: Coming to Christ
121.  Ignorance Follows His Heart
122.  The True Measure of the Heart
123.  Right Thoughts About God
124.  Ignorance and Justification
125.  Ignorance and Divine Calling
126.  Ignorance and the Fear of the Lord
127.  The Fleeting Faith of Temporary
128.  The Cause of Temporary's Backsliding
129.  The Country of Beulah
130.  Met by the Gardener
131.  The River of Death
132.  Welcomed at the Gate
133.  The Celestial City
134.  Final Entrance
135.  The End of Ignorance
136.  Behold It Was a Dream

Earlier portions of "A Guide to John Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress"
were originally published from January 1993 to December 1997
in "The Voice of Heritage," a monthly newsletter
of Heritage Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas

The text for The Pilgrim's Progress
and images used are public domain
Notes and Commentary for Part I ©1997, 2016–2019 Ken Puls

Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are from
the New King James Version (NKJV) ©1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.


Lord, we pray for those now burdened
'Neath the weight and guilt of sin,
Those who read Your Word and tremble
As conviction grows within.
Father, help us point to Jesus,
Those who flee the coming wrath,
That they find the gate and entrance
To the cross, Salvation's path.

From  A Prayer for Pilgrims (a hymn based on Bunyan's The Pilgrim's Progress)



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