The Lord Is My Delight

Album: The Lord Is My Delight

©2017 Kenneth A Puls
Released January 5, 2018

A collection of hymns and songs celebrating the joy of following and serving Christ. I pray these songs will encourage you to seek Him, trust Him, honor Him and find that He is all you need.

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1.    Come Seek the Lord (4:41)
2.    Pressing on We Journey (3:30)
3.    What Can Be Gained by All Our Toil? (3:44)
4.    The Lord Is My Delight (2:51)
5.    Vast the RIches of God's Word (2:54)
6.    My Soul What Truth Consoles You? (2:01)
7.    Increase Our Faith O Lord (2:53)
8.    Behold My Soul (4:37)
9.    Eternal God Exalted (3:11)
10.  It Is Enough That I Am in Christ (3:02)


Total Playing Time: 33:24

Album Liner Notes
Album Cover Art


Recorded in Estero, Florida


Ken Puls, guitar and vocals
Nathan Puls, strings


Recorded and mixed by Nathan Puls


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