Christiana’s Dreams

Christian praising with the harp in heaven

The next night Christiana had a dream; and behold, she saw as if a broad parchment was opened before her, in which were recorded the sum of her ways; and the times, as she thought, looked very black upon her. Then she cried out aloud in her sleep, “Lord, have mercy upon me, a sinner!” 

And the little children heard her.

After this she thought she saw two very ill favored ones standing by her bedside, and saying, “What shall we do with this woman; for she cries out for mercy waking and sleeping? If she be suffered to go on as she begins, we shall lose her as we have lost her husband. Wherefore we must, by one way or other, seek to take her off from the thoughts of what shall be hereafter; else all the world cannot help it but she will become a pilgrim.”

Now she awoke in a great sweat, also a trembling was upon her; but after awhile she fell to sleeping again. And then she thought she saw Christian her husband in a place of bliss, among many immortals, with a harp in his hand, standing and playing upon it before One that sat on a throne, with a rainbow about his head. She saw also as if he bowed his head with his face to the paved work that was under the Prince’s feet, saying, “I heartily thank my Lord and King for bringing of me into this place.” Then shouted a company of them that stood around about, and harped with their harps; but no man living could tell what they said but Christian and his companions.

Notes and Commentary

Bunyan relates the entirety of The Pilgrim’s Progress, both Part 1 and Part 2, “under the similitude of a dream.” But now he uses dreams within his story to give us more insight into Christiana’s distress. As she lies down to sleep, her thoughts are unsettled. Though grace has begun to stir in her heart, she is still troubled with guilt and fears.

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3 Replies to “Christiana’s Dreams”

  1. I appreciate The Pilgrim Progress Guide tremendously. I hope when God opens the door to make a 31/2 mile nature walk over 80 Acres, with life sized painted props of the Pilgrim Progress story.
    We have been working on permitting a hard rock quarry and want to use proceeds to make it. 250 props I estimate. Quarry name is Pilgrim Rock. Truly in California it is crazy, Our 30 ish age partner has gotten saved since we started together in 2016. He says it is him and wife’s favorite story. For me , I have lived the journey. God reveals new truths along way. I would like permission from you to use your commentary notes in my hand out possibly, I want it to be for souls only so they can get understanding.Profit is not my goal. I am no artist but I love drawing , images of those wonderful old drawings. They talk to heart. Thank you for listening to God and providing me this great gift. I love it so! Know Jesus since Nov.1984 61 yrs now.

    1. Sharon, you are most welcome to use my notes from Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress for your nature walk. It sounds like a wonderful way to introduce people to the allegory. Please do include the web address so they can find the commentary on my website.

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