Upon This Rock

Album: Upon This Rock

©2012 Kenneth A Puls
Released November 20, 2012

A collection of hymns and songs written during the past 27 years of ministry. Jesus is our Rock and our salvation, our one hope and resting place. I pray these songs will encourage you to look to Him and find everlasting joy that only He can give.



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1.    Behold the Days (4:26)
2.    Unchanging Righteousness (3:29)
3.    Gathered Now, We Come to Worship (2:13)
4.    Upon This Rock (3:51)
5.    Tis Such a Mystery, Father (3:44)
6.    In Trying Times (2:56)
7.    Looking Always Unto Jesus (2:46)
8.    The Kingdom Has Come (4:27)
9.    Send the Law Before the Gospel (3:08)
10.  Go Forth Ye Saints (3:13)


Total Playing Time: 34:19

Album Liner Notes
Album Cover Art


Recorded at SAE Institute Miami


Ken Puls, guitar and vocals
Nathan Puls, drums and bass
Anna Puls, keyboard and vocals
Bethany Puls, flute


Recorded and mixed by Nathan Puls


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