A Prayer for Pilgrims

A Prayer for Pilgrims

This is a hymn I composed based on Part 1 of John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress. Each of the 16 verses is a prayer of intercession for those who are at difference places and stages on the Christian journey.

Check out the lyric video on youtube:

And download the song on bandcamp:

Free Sheet Music is also available.

—Ken Puls

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  1. I have lead a group of ten women through Pilgrim’s Progress this summer. You don’t know me but you have been my best friend through this process. It was often heard from me , “my good friend Ken says….” I had sent them your online guide and you became a friend to some other pilgrims. So by the third and final discussion I heard from others, “Ken says.”

    Monday night was our last session, on Tuesday morning I was still in the Celestial City. I had read many stanzas of your poem but looked for it as a whole. That is when I found the song. I sent it to my group. Here are a few of the responses on hearing your song after the class was complete.

    “At first I was listening to just music …then I clicked on the photo and listened to each stanza with words. Thank you!”

    “Wow, just wow! I just finished listening to it and it was an amazing, musical review of our journey with Christian. Such a beautiful way to start my day. Thank you …for the song ….”

    “So good and the illustrations are creative !”

    “Touched and richly blessed by Ken’s song! Wet eyes and softened, once again, heart and soul. THANK YOU….”

    Another message sent before the song came to them read ..

    “A huge THANK YOU to everyone who made these last 3 Monday nights so meaningful! … This study will be a highlight of my Summer! “

    The song was a great summary, however your written guide helped me and my group get so much more out of Pilgrim’s Progress than we would have without your help. The above accolades greatly belong to you! Thank you for your help and your “friendship.” I could not have done this pilgrimage as well without you.

    A fellow pilgrim on the way to the Celestial City,

    1. Thank you, Twila. I appreciate the kind words from you and your study group. I’m grateful the commentary and the song on Pilgrim’s Progress has been a blessing to all of you. Press on in journey!
      Your friend, Ken

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